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EcoCertEnvironmental Support and Certification Scheme for Small Businesses in Ireland. Special deal available through greening of Wexford Festival Opera 2012

  • Save on day-to-day operating costs
  • Improve environmental performance

Achieve formal recognition

Most small businesses could readily reduce their day-to-day operating costs and improve their environmental performance, but often lack the time or the expertise.

Many small businesses would like recognition for being environmentally responsible, but find conventional certification schemes such as ISO 14001 too onerous and expensive.

€coCert - the innovative solution.

What is so different about €coCert?

Conventional certification schemes operate by having an auditor assess the organisation against an extensive set of requirements. Usually this also means employing a consultant to get you ready for the auditor, along with a lot of in-house time and effort.

With €coCert there is no auditor, and no preparation. An advisor helps identify cost-saving improvements and then helps you meet the certification requirements.

The requirements themselves are very straightforward and easy to verify. They also give the organisation a framework for further improvements, year on year.

How much does it cost?

The normal standard fee is €400 + VAT.

Through the Festival Opera project, this is reduced for participating organisations to only €200 +VAT. For this, we promise to identify at least €200 of annual savings - or we will refund the fee in full!

Certificates are valid for three years, subject to annual surveillances, which cost €200 + VAT. At the end of the three years a new certification can be commenced.

NB: The above is for an organisation of less than 60 people operating on a single site, with no unusual requirements. Others will have a customised quote.

What are the Certification requirements?

The requirements for achieving €coCert certification are the same core requirements as for any recognised environmental certification scheme. You must have;

  •  An environmental policy
  •  An improvement plan
  •  Performance monitoring (e.g. utilities usage).
  •  A commitment to pollution prevention.

Full details are on the reverse of the application form.

Can I upgrade to other certifications?

Yes. €coCert uses the same basic principles as all recognised certification schemes for environmental management systems. For that reason, an €coCert holder will be well placed to upgrade his/her system to suit any of these schemes, should it be required.

How can you give a certificate for work you have been involved with?

Conventional certification schemes do require an independent auditor, uninvolved with the preparation - one reason these schemes are so expensive.

With €coCert the requirements are simplified and transparent, and so don’t require an independent auditor. €coCert is partnered by the Environmental Protection Agency and various local councils, who oversee all certifications under the €coCert scheme.

What do I need to be ready for the advisor's visit?

The visit is quite informal, takes around half a day, and is geared to finding cost savings. It should be hosted by someone familiar with the organisation, including the arrangements for energy, waste and water.

You should have to hand information on your energy waste and water, ideally covering the previous year. Copies of bills are sufficient.

Other information on your environmental performance or issues of concern to you would also be helpful.

How do I apply?

Just fill out the application form and send it to Mairead at Wexford Opera House. We will contact you and take it from there.

How do I find out more?

Contact Phil or Mairead, who will be pleased to help.
Phil Walker,
Director, Econcertive.
Mob: 086 255 9677
‘Cois Na Daire’, Kilbraney
Gusserane, Co. Wexford.

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