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The Greening of Wexford Festival Opera encourages its hospitality suppliers to join the Green Hospitality Programme and apply for a Green Hospitality Eco Label or Award.

The Eco-label & Award are Type 1 Eco-Labels as defined by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). It is the only Irish hospitality environmental certification programme that is recognised internationally.

“Greening Irish Hospitality” is our focus and aim and the Green Hospitality Programme is now recognised as one of the most successful programmes in Europe. This is a voluntary programme that demonstrates leadership in environmental management within the hospitality sector. Members can receive either an Eco-Label or an Award based on a set of strict criteria and is then allowed to use and display the Logo.

Who is the Programme for?

All Hospitality Businesses can receive either the Eco-Label or Award.  The general principle for all members is to implement an Environmental Management System and this requires them to identify the environmental issues within each business.

Green Hospitality have developed sectoral awards to suit each type of hospitality business
We invite members from the following sub-sectors

  • Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Contract & Institutional Caterers
  • Leisure Centres and facilities
  • Clubs and Golf Clubs
  • Activity providers and Tourism Attractions
  • Benefits to members include:
  • Ability to identify opportunities to reduce consumption/cost of Waste, Water and Energy – up to 40% +
  • Training in Best Practice in Hospitality Environmental Management – 3 workshops annually with networking opportunities
  • On Site visit and Environmental Review and Report identifying immediate actions business can take to manage costs and consumption available at an extra charge
  • Benchmarking of Waste, Water & Energy against National & International Standards
  • Best Practice Guide, tools and templates designed to assist the business in achieving targets set and understanding the issues involved
  • Updates and advice on Legislative changes
  • On site Audit/Verification and receipt of Certificate when award standards are achieved
  • Ability to promote your business as a “Greener” operation to customers
  • Supports your businesses in-house Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Improves staff morale through engagement and demonstration of a businesses CSR actions
  • Included as a member within the GHA website.

Cost Savings

The reduction in costs experienced by some of our members has been between €5,000 and €100,000 in the first year, after implementation of the programme.

Memberships Fee

The Green Hospitality Programme is offering all Wexford hospitality businesses a reduced membership rate which includes a FREE Environmental Review (which is paid funded by the EPA).


Hotels: €300
Other Hospitality Businesses: €200

(This includes membership fee, Free Environmental Review, Workshops, access to GHA website, Eco Label visit, recognition on Green Hospitality & Discover Ireland Websites)

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