Wexford Festival Opera announces S.Pellegrino as Official Water Sponsor

In 2013, a year of momentous celebrations and anniversaries in the Opera world, the iconic S.Pellegrino bottle features a surprising new look, celebrating with a Special Edition Luciano Pavarotti. And to help celebrate we are delighted to announce S.Pellegrino as the Official Water Partner to Wexford Festival Opera.



Wexford Festival Opera announces S.Pellegrino as Official Water Sponsor

The Maestro brought Opera to the appreciative ears of a larger audience worldwide and exported the same joy of being Italian that S.Pellegrino communicates on the best tables of over 130 countries.

S.Pellegrino and its still-water companion, Acqua Panna, share Luciano Pavarotti’s devotion to the ideals of Italian excellence, such as talent, passion, culture, togetherness, beauty.

Like the two Italian waters, the radiant tenor acted as a worldwide ambassador of the Italian way of living, with his grand, yet simple approach to life, his conviviality and his authentic
passion for people, life and above all, music. The special tribute, “S.Pellegrino celebrates Luciano Pavarotti”, takes place during an year that stands out for its wealth of important events and anniversaries in the world of Opera: in 2013, the world commemorates the 200th anniversary of both Giuseppe Verdi’s and Richard Wagner’s births, with opera theatres across the globe featuring programs in memory of the two composers; this is also the year the Arena di Verona Lyric Festival celebrates its 100th year of performances. Last but not least, 2011 marked the year that Luciano Pavarotti, the global symbol of Italian opera, would have celebrated the 50th year of his illustrious career.

During his career, the Maestro was invited to sing in the most important theatres in the world, in addition to giving spectacular open-air concerts and celebratory shows. Today, his name and influence live on through the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, which was founded by his wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, after the Maestro’s passing. The Foundation operates with the double goal of keeping his memory alive and of supporting talented emerging singers who are keen to take their very first steps onto the opera scene.

It is this passion for talent scouting that the Pavarotti name continues to share with S.Pellegrino: just as the Maestro always paid close attention to young auditioning singers and
took care to give singing lessons to deserving students, S.Pellegrino has always supported aspiring young chefs in the fine dining world.