Publication: The History of Wexford Festival Opera, 1951–2021

Marking the 70th Anniversary celebrations, this high-quality publication will form a welcome addition to your collection. Perfect as a memento or gift for that someone special!

The History of Wexford Festival Opera, 1951–2021
In a Place like No Other

Karina Daly

New Edition: Full Colour Illustrations; Large Format; Hardback
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In 1951, the first ever Wexford Opera Festival (now known as ‘Wexford Festival Opera’) took place in a small town in the southeast corner of Ireland. What started out as an informal gathering of friends listening to gramophone music, developed into one of Europe’s leading classical music events.

This book traces the history of the Festival, from its establishment up to the present day. Looking at the spectacular success of what T.J. Walsh had achieved, it follows the history through difficult periods in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and brings the story right through to 2021. Wexford Festival Opera remains a truly unique cultural event. That it has managed to survive so many significant challenges over 70 years and continued to flourish is a testament to the incredible efforts of those at the helm and the spirit of resilience that is synonymous with the Wexford community.

The History of the Wexford Festival Opera, 1951-2021: In a Place like No Other has been written for those who have enjoyed Wexford Festival Opera over many years, travelling from all over the world for the unique welcome and atmosphere that is synonymous with Wexford at Festival time.

Author Karina Daly holds a Masters in Modern Cultural History (1998) and completed her PhD in Modern History at University College Dublin in 2001. She completed a Masters in Business Studies with the Smurfit School of Business in 2004. She published her first book in 2004 - Tom Walsh’s Opera - The History of the Wexford Festival, 1951-2004 and is also a contributor to the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of Irish Biography. Karina was appointed to the Board of Wexford Festival Trust in 2018.


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