Late 60s-That Is Not Juliette, It Is Jean Goold

This memory occurred during the festival opera Romeo and Juliette.

I was privileged to be a member of the Wexford Opera Festival Chorus from late 1960s too late 1970s. I have many wonderful memories of that time, and this is just one of them.The Chorus had to be word and note perfect for all the operas being featured during each opera season. This entailed rigorous rehearsals, which started in late April of each year and continued right up to the time that the professional opera singers arrived usually on or near 10th of October. The rehearsals for the choristers usually took place during the evenings from 7pm to 10pm but also 2 or 3 times during weekends.

Because I was also drama trained, I was frequently assigned to carry out additional tasks such as being present on stage to attend to the sopranos or take part in presets during rehearsals, etc. During one of the dress rehearsals of Romeo and Juliette, I was involved in such a preset. I was seated on stage in a Gazebo dressed in a magnificent white and gold satin costume which was originally designed for the cast of the film” Man for All Seasons” and at my feet was an equally resplendent handsome admirer. Suddenly the director stopped the rehearsal, demanding to know why Juliette was wearing the above said costume? The reply came, “that is not Juliette, it is Jean Goold”. The director gave instructions that I Jean was to immediately return my costume to wardrobe for reassignment. My beautiful costume was replaced by an avocado green velvet costume which was far less resplendent. I was, of course, devastated.

Thank you for the opportunity to recount this memory which has given me great pleasure.


Jean Goold