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The 47th Saturday, 2021
Season 2021
Opera The 47th Saturday
Composer Andrew Synnott
Conductor Andrew Synnott
Assistant Conductor
Director Stefania Panighini
Assistant Director
Set Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Assistant Choreographer
Music Preparation
Chorus Master
Language Coach
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manage
Miscellaneous Opera in one act | Libretto by Vivienne Howard | Sung in English
Cast Mavie | Fiona Finsbury
McCarthy | Andrew Gavin*
Emily, Garmade, Ticket seller | Kathleen Norchi*
Linda, Popcorn seller | Anna Brady*
Waiter | Vladimir Sima*

* Wexford Factory Artists

Gerald Perigrine | cello
Lynda O'Connor | violin
Girgio D'Alonzo | piano