Green Festival

Wexford Festival Opera was one of the first Festivals in Ireland to take a concerted step to implementing good environmental management principles across every part of Festival life. This includes the home of the Festival at the National Opera House, accommodation providers, restaurants & bars, local businesses, vendors and suppliers. The greening of Wexford Festival Opera is made possible by the support of our partners at the Environmental Protection Agency

Our aim is to also foster a culture of environmental awareness that will last beyond the Opera Festival and Wexford Festival Opera is helping Wexford to become a more sustainable ‘green destination’ for visitors and businesses. Visitors are encouraged to make their own opera experience a more environmentally friendly one. Visit the BeGreen website for ideas on what you can do to help your environment.

The National Opera House achieved the prestigious Green Hospitality Award in 2010 and continues to be certified. We encourage all Wexford hospitality businesses to implement good ‘Green’ principles and to join the Green Hospitality Award Programme

There are many reasons for business to become involved in the Greening of Wexford Festival Opera:


  • Generate new business by showing your business is “greener”
  • Identify cost savings in energy, water and waste
  • Improve staff morale by adopting a green profile
  • Comply compliance with environmental legal requirements
  • Give your customers the satisfaction of being more sustainable
  • It is the right thing to do!

How to Support Greening Wexford Festival Opera

There are a number of ways for businesses to become part of this exciting and innovative programme: