National Opera House

The National Opera House is Ireland’s first custom-built, multi-purpose opera house and home to the world-famous Wexford Festival Opera. 

The stunning landmark building is nestled into the heart of the beautiful harbour town of Wexford and offers two diverse performance spaces, the O’Reilly Theatre and the Jerome Hynes Theatre, as well as numerous meeting and hospitality facilities, including a café and many bars.


  • A state-of-the-art auditorium tactfully inserted into a dense, historic urban plan; a “secret gem” tucked away behind a reinstated street front.
  • All walnut-lined auditorium, calling to mind the interior of a stringed instrument.
  • Lighting bridges within the room, precision-crafted to be shown off, like the bridges of a stringed instrument.
  • Stage and forestage layout and technology allow the presentation of six different performances in a three-day cycle.
  • Excellent sight-lines, optimised for performance on the forestage, in accordance with Wexford Festival Opera tradition.
  • Horseshoe-shaped balconies, where the audiences in the upper levels are brought into better contact with the stage, enhance the performance experience for audiences and performers alike. This layout, which was largely abandoned in 20th-century design, enhances the atmosphere by populating the side walls of the auditorium, making the audience more ‘visible’ to itself.
  • The operational flexibility given by the orchestra pit lifts, and the stage and backstage facilities, together with the horseshoe-shaped balconies, arguably qualify the National Opera House as Ireland’s first fully specified, purpose-built opera house.

VIP Rooms

VIP rooms are available for hire during any National Opera House performance for private hospitality events. Open bar facilities can be arranged with settlement post performance for any group of 10 +. For more information on hospitality contact Aisling White on +353 53 916 3526 or email