Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time in Wexford captures the Magic and fun of the Wexford Opera Festival.

Written by Elizabeth McKiernan and Lucy Small, it takes you on a journey from the origins of the Wexford Festival Opera, through its unique traditions and shows children and young people, that opera is for everyone.

Once Upon a Time in Wexford is both an educational and fun way to relate the essence of the Wexford Festival Opera to a young audience.

An interactive slideshow with stunning, original illustrations by Mirona Mara, sound clips, fun facts and a description of opera and opera voices, it is a visual and auditory feast.

Like some of our favourite stories, it opens with Once Upon A Time…

In this historic location, two doctors, a postman and a hotel owner created what is now an international opera festival.

The scene is now set, the year is 1951; let the magic begin…


Chapter 1: What is Opera?

What is opera image and link to presentation

Download What is Opera presentation.


Chapter 2: Dr Tom Walsh and the First Festival

Download Dr. Tom Walsh and the First Festival presentation.


Chapter 3: The National Opera House

Download The National Opera House presentation.


Chapter 4: Wexford Tradition

Download Wexford Traditions presentation.


Chapter 5: Children and the Opera Festival

Download Children and the Opera Festival presentation.


Chapter 6: Fantastic Festival Facts

Download Fantastic Festival Facts presentation.