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Workshop with kids

We are committed to inspiring broader audiences. We want to share our expertise, joy and enthusiasm with growing numbers of young people, emerging talent and the wider community.

Young people play a central part in Wexford Festival Operas purpose and ambitions to illustrate that opera, music and theatre are for everyone.

We are committed to transforming the lives of these young people giving them access and exposure to high-quality performance music and educational opportunities.

Through our partnerships with Music Generation, Maynooth University and other specialist educators, we aspire to create rich and diverse ways for people of all ages to engage in creativity through workshops or learning programmes.

Our work with schools, colleges and the community sits at the heart of our learning and engagement philosophy, we continually create activities, projects and events designed specifically for the community, across county Wexford and at a national level.

Our projects include ‘Once Upon a Time’; Wexford Youth Opera; a Transition Year Mentoring Programme; a Young Critic Programme and various ‘Singing for Health’ projects with more being continually developed and added. Check out our Learning Resources section to find out more.

Become a friend
Become a friend
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