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Composer in residence

WFO2022 Cinderella DSC0884 rehearsal

The composer-in-residence fosters and showcases the talent of Irish and international composers to craft composition, re-orchestration, or new commissions, with world-class artists and performers through individualised creative exploration in fully-staged, scened, chamber or short work opera formats.

The initiative is directed at composers of all professional levels who see opera as a significant component of their future creative work.

Each year the appointed composer takes this timeless art form, re-imagines or infuses their vision with the artistic, technological, creative and collaborative sensibilities most relevant to our time and the creative space in which the work is performed.

They have unparalleled access to work hand-in-hand with every aspect of the creative and development process, from composition, libretto, dramaturgy and theatre production, to staging and performance development, bringing their unique talent and work to the stage at Wexford Festival Opera.

Marco Tutino


Re-orchestration Premiered at Wexford Festival Opera
La Ciociara (2023)

Conor Mitchell


Premiered at Wexford Festival Opera
Les Selenites (2022)

Andrew Synnott

2020 – 2021

Premiered at Wexford Festival Opera
The Forty-Seventh Saturday (2021)
What Happened to Lucrece
La Cucina