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Volunteer award

Volunteer award

The Volunteer of the Year award is an annual initiative to celebrate the dedication and commitment of a nominated volunteer in the Wexford Festival Opera. The award shines a light on the remarkable achievements of a nominated Volunteer.

Every nominated Volunteer receives a thank you from Wexford Festival Opera. We want to let everyone nominated know that their contributions to the Festival are greatly valued and that someone took the time to put them forward for the award.

The awardee's story is shared across our digital platforms and with the local and national press. By sharing the story of this incredible Volunteer, we are honouring their contribution not only to Wexford Festival Opera and the community of Wexford, and perhaps also inspiring others to get involved.

The 2023 Volunteer of the Year will open for nominations in Autumn 2023 and will take place on the night of the first public dress rehearsal, attended by an audience of Festival Volunteers, before the Wexford Festival Opera begins on 24 October.