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Discover the Repertoire 2023

Women War 1

The Discover the Repertoire series is the popular introduction to the 2023 Wexford Festival Opera programme.

The commentary, written and presented by Ian Fox, includes excerpts from the main stage operas and provides background information on the composers and operas.

Listen and enhance your enjoyment of this year’s Festival.

Zoraida di Granata by Gaetano Donizetti

L’Aube Rouge by Camille Erlanger

La Ciociara by Marco Tutino

Music extracts used with the kind permission of the record companies:

Track 1: Zoraida di Granata (Excerpts from Opera Rara recording ORC17)

Track 2: L'Aube rouge (Excerpts from Trumpet Concerto - Capriccio CL 7152)

Track 3: La ciociara (Excerpts from Teatro Lirico de Cagliari, 24 Nov 2017, live)