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Wexford Factory, Corporate Partnerships

PwC showcases sponsorship of Wexford Factory 2023


Wexford Factory participants and members of the Wexford Opera Festival were delighted to be part of a cultural event held by sponsor PwC recently. Opera singers Ami Hewitt and Maria Hughes gave a magnificent performance on the evening which took place at PwC offices in Dublin.

Artists Maria and Ami have both been supported by the partnership between the Festival and PwC, and Ami is a current member of Wexford Factory. Wexford Factory is a professional academy for young Irish / Irish-based singers, which is now in its fourth year.

The Factory, supported by PwC, is designed to mentor young singers through masterclasses led by internationally recognised artists and professionals. The 2023 Wexford Factory will commence prior to the beginning of rehearsals for this year’s Festival.

PwC is delighted to continue its sponsorship of Wexford Factory as part of their two-year PwC has been a long-time supporter of Wexford Festival Opera, expanding the partnership to sponsor Wexford Factory in 2020. This partnership showcases the firm’s support of the Arts & Culture sector and their commitment to projects which make a valuable impact to our society.

Nurturing artists and showcasing the talents of young singers has long been a cornerstone of Wexford Festival Opera. Many of today's world leading Opera artists performed in Wexford early on in their careers. The dedication, sacrifice and hard work which are key for a career in opera are also those that are needed to succeed in business. PwC has supported the Wexford Festival Opera since 2015 and has been steadfast in their support of emerging future leaders in the worlds of art, sport, and business.

Photo: Mark Stedman
(L-R) Randall Shannon, Excutive Director, Wexford Festival Opera, James McNally, Partner, PwC and Ami Hewitt, Wexford Factory Artist