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Theatre within Theatre - Theme for Festival 2024

Theatre within Theatre

Artistic Director Rosetta Cucchi delves into the theme of Theatre within Theatre for WFO2024

Dear Friends,

Today, I invite you to embark on a journey into the mesmerizing realm of the theatre within theatre.
This concept, a theatrical meta-game, adds an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to the already captivating world of opera. As we delve into this fascinating dynamic, let us explore the intricacies and enchantments that arise when a play unfolds within the confines of another — a narrative within a narrative, a stage within a stage. Imagine a performance where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur, and the audience is transported not only into the world of the play but also into the backstage drama that unfolds behind the scenes.

This theatrical inception, where one story unfolds within the framework of another, is a testament to the limitless creativity and ingenuity of the human imagination. This theme will invite all of you to consider the layers of meaning embedded within the narrative. The actors and singers become characters within characters, blurring the lines between the performer and the performed, the scripted and the improvised.

We live and work in a place that everybody should experience, I wish each of you to be behind the scenes just
before the beginning of a show: the excitement is in the air, the hands are sweating, singers are warming up, actors are making their body and voice exercises, stage managers are trying to keep the world calm. Then, just like that, a minute before the beginning everybody meets together hugging each other and all the fear is transformed in pure electricity and energy.

This year the three main stage operas will perfectly match the theme, you will laugh and cry, and above all you will feel part of this amazing game named Theatre. It challenges us to look beyond the surface and venture into the realms of imagination within imagination. So, in October when you find yourself in the halls of a theatre, be prepared for the magic not only to unfold on the stage but to permeate the very fabric of the theatrical experience itself—a game within a game, a story within a story, a theatre within theatre.

As we are used to saying to wish our colleagues a good show… toi toi toi or in bocca al lupo!