Chorus/Orchestra Concert

Handel & Vivaldi

Handel – Dixit Dominus

Dixit Dominus uses the Latin text of Psalm 110 (Vulgate 109), which begins with the words Dixit Dominus (‘The Lord Said’). The work was completed in April 1707 while Handel was living in Italy, and is scored for five vocal soloists (SSATB), five-part chorus, strings and continuo.

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

Re-composed by Max Richter

Modern composer Max Richter re-imagines and re-interprets Vivaldi’s four violin concertos (known as The Four Seasons), producing an interpretation that is both extremely familiar, but modern at the same time.

Tickets €25

Creative Team

David Agler (Four Seasons)
Errol Girdlestone (Handel)