Friends’ Parties

Opening Night Party

Friday 19 October - Post Opera
Celebrate the opening of the 67th Festival at the opening night post-­opera party at Greenacres. The event includes locally ­produced food, wine, live music, great company and the opportunity to catch up with Friends you may not have met since the previous Festival.

Bank Holiday Celebration Party

Friday 26 October - Post Opera
Join our Artistic Director and members of the cast of Dinner at Eight and enjoy post-­opera food, champagne and wine in the beautiful surroundings of Greenacres.

Closing-Weekend Gala Party

Friday 2 November - Post Opera
Join the cast of Il bravo and members of the Wexford Festival Opera team and enjoy another evening at Greenacres. Il bravo is 3 hours 30 minutes and includes two intervals. The Friends' party on this night will not commence until approx. 11.30 pm.

Booking Details:

Space is limited, and admission is by ticket ONLY, so
do remember to book your complimentary tickets to
the Friends’ Parties, Buffet and Lunches through the
box office. Your complimentary tickets can be used for
whichever events you wish to attend during the Festival.

As part of your membership benefits:

• Chorus Friends are entitled to two complimentary
• Ensemble Friends are entitled to four
complimentary tickets
• Ensemble Plus are entitled to six complimentary
• Aria Friends are entitled to eight complimentary
• Cabaletta Friends are entitled to ten complimentary
• Bravura Friends are entitled to twelve
complimentary tickets
• Prelude Friends may purchase two tickets at the
discounted price of €15 each


If you require additional tickets for the Friends’ Parties,
Lunches and Buffet they may be purchased from the
Box Office. Additional tickets for the Friends’ Parties
may be purchased for €40 each, additional tickets for
the Friends’ Buffet may be purchased for €30 each,
and additional tickets for the Friends’ Lunches may be
purchased for €20 each.