Les Selenites

Premiere of a new WFO commission by Artist-in-Residence Conor Mitchell

An intriguing new chamber opera merging the birth of cinema with dream-play and fantasy. 

Text, Music & Stage by Conor Mitchell

Conor Mitchell is an award-winning Northern Irish composer, librettist and theatre director and is one of the most exciting opera composers working in Ireland today. A recipient of the Arts Council Northern Ireland Major Individual Artist’s Award, Mitchell was appointed WFO Artist-in-Residence in 2022. 

Les Selenites explores the bizarre world of 20th-century French film pioneer and stage illusionist Georges Méliès.  Méliès began his career as a stage illusionist and was renowned for his use of innovative magical special effects and visual tricks, a skill he brought to his work in the burgeoning early 20th-century film industry. Mitchell has taken this fantastical world created by Méliès as the starting point for his chamber opera.

Creative Team

Music & Stage Director
Conor Mitchell
Mairéad Hurley
Set & Costume Designer
Masimo Carlotto