Lunchtime Recitals

The very popular Lunchtime Recitals provide an insight into the artistic personality of some of the principal singers of the Festival and are a way to ‘meet’ them in an informal setting. In the beautiful and acoustically excellent eighteenth-century church of St Iberius in the centre of Wexford in Ireland’s Ancient East, audiences appreciate the musical versatility of solo singers who perform a wide variety of music from across the repertoire, including operatic arias, lieder, oratorio, concert and popular songs.

One of the delights of attending a Lunchtime Recital is that the programme is not advertised beforehand, so everyone shares the same degree of anticipation and expectation. Unsurprisingly, the Lunchtime Recitals sell out very quickly.

The artists and their performance dates will be announced at the beginning of the Festival.

Tickets €15

Saturday 20 October – 1.05 p.m.
Dorothea Spilger, mezzo-soprano
Tina Chang, piano

Tuesday 23 October – 1.05 p.m.
Simon Mechliński, baritone
Daniela Pellegrino, piano

Wednesday 24 October – 1.05 p.m.
Richard Cox, tenor
Jessica Hall, piano

Thursday 25 October – 1.05 p.m.
Sharon Carty, mezzo-soprano
Leslie Dala, piano

Friday 26 October – 1.05 p.m.
Gustavo Castillo, baritone
Andrea Grant, piano

Saturday 27 October – 1.05 p.m.
Susannah Biller, soprano
Leslie Dala, piano

Tuesday 30 October – 1.05 p.m.
Gemma Summerfield, soprano
Jessica Hall, piano

Wednesday 31 October – 1.05 p.m.
Brett Polegato, baritone
Andrea Grant, piano

Thursday 1 November – 1.05 p.m.
Francesca Tiburzi, soprano
Giorgio D’Alonzo, piano

Friday 2 November – 1.05 p.m.
Joo Won Kang, baritone
Tina Chang, piano

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