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Opera in three acts by George Frideric Handel
Libretto adapted from Antonio Salvi

Sung in Italian

Acknowledgment is made to Bärenreiter for use of their New Halle Handel Edition Urtext performing material.


Ariodante: Bernadette Greevy

Ginevra: Pamela Myers

Dalinda: Morag MacKay

Polinesso: Cynthia Clarey

Lurcanio: Raul Gimenez

The King of Scotland: Petteri

Salomaa Odoardo: Adrian Thompson

Creative Team

ConductorAlan Curtis
DirectorGuus Mostart
Set DesignJohn Otto
Costume DesignJohn Otto
Lighting DesignMick Hughes
ChoreographerTerry John Bates
Music PreparationEthna Tinney
Chorus MasterIan Reid
Dancers from Irish National BalletAnna Donovan, Caoimhe ni Einigh, Joss Urch, Erich Yetter
Courtiers and attendantsTracey Bounden, Marilyn Dale, Marian Finn, Doreen O'Neill, Christopher Bull, Philip Leech, Peter Sidhom

The Plot

Act 1
The opera opens with Princess Ginevra, daughter of the King of Scotland, who is in love with and betrothed to Prince Ariodante. She rejects the amorous advances of the Duke of Albany, Polinesso, who then cruelly tricks Ariodante and Ginevra’s father into believing that Ginevra has been unfaithful. The act ends with Ariodante’s despair and his intention to leave Scotland.

Act 2

In the second act, Polinesso continues his scheming by convincing Dalinda, Ginevra’s lady-in-waiting, to disguise herself as Ginevra and lure Ariodante to her. He then plans to kill Ariodante. Meanwhile, Ariodante is still in despair and contemplates suicide. He is saved by Lurcanio, his brother, who tells him that he has seen Ginevra with another man. Ariodante is convinced that Ginevra has been unfaithful and decides to leave Scotland for good.

Act 3

In the third act, Polinesso’s plan is foiled when Lurcanio reveals his true identity and challenges him to a duel. Polinesso is killed in the duel. Meanwhile, Ginevra is put on trial for her alleged infidelity. She is found guilty and sentenced to death. However, Ariodante appears just in time to reveal the truth about Polinesso’s treachery. The King pardons Ginevra and she is reunited with Ariodante.

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