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Pandolfe: Pierre-Yves Le Maigat
Madame de la Haltiere: Joan Davies
Noemie: Jane Webster
Dorothee: Therese Feighan
Lucette: Claire Primrose
The Fairy: Silvanna Manga
Prince Charming: Robynne Redmon
The Master of Ceremonies: David Barrell
Dean of the Faculty: Brendan Cavanagh
The First Minister: Patrick Donnelly
The King: Oliver Broome
The Herald: Anthony Morse


ComposerJules Massenet
ConductorStephane Cardon
DirectorSeamus McGrenera
Set DesignTim Reed
Costume DesignTim Reed
Lighting DesignJohn Waterhouse
ChoreographerTerry John Bates
Music PreparationGerald Moore
Chorus MasterRoy Laughlin
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