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Nureddin: Kevork Boyaciyan
Bostana: Joan Davies
Abul: Hassan Ali
Ebn Bekar: Richard McKee
Margiana: Helen MacArthur
The Kadi Baba Mustapha: Francis Egerton
The Kalif: Antony Ransome
Muezzin I: Sean Mitten
Muezzin II: Michael Scott
Muezzin III: Harry Nicoll
A Slave: Alexander Magri


ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorWolf Siegfried Wagner
Set DesignDacre Punt
Costume DesignAlex Reid
Lighting DesignJamie Taylor
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy
Stage ManagerJohn Cruickshank

The Plot

Act 1
The story takes place in Baghdad, where the young barber Nureddin is in love with the beautiful Margiana. However, her father, the wealthy Cadi, disapproves of their relationship and forbids them from seeing each other. To win Margiana's hand in marriage, Nureddin seeks the help of the wise dervish El Hakim, who gives him a magic cream that will make him invisible.

Act 2
Nureddin uses the magic cream to sneak into the Cadi's palace and serenade Margiana. However, he is caught by the Cadi's guards and sentenced to death. El Hakim intervenes and offers to help Nureddin escape if he promises to give up his love for Margiana. Nureddin agrees, but Margiana overhears their conversation and believes that Nureddin has betrayed her.
In the end, Nureddin and Margiana are reunited when El Hakim reveals that he was testing their love for each other. The Cadi is also convinced to accept their relationship when he realizes that Nureddin is the son of his long-lost friend. The opera concludes with a joyful celebration of love and friendship.

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