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Don Pasquale: Guus Hoekman
Dr Malatesta
: Dino Mantovani
: Alfonz Bartha
: Margherita Rinaldi


ConductorAntonio De Almeida
DirectorMichael Hadji Mischev
Set DesignAnna Hadji Mischev
Costume DesignAnna Hadji Mischev
Wexford Chorus CoachMrs C Hore
Assistant Chorus CoachNora O'Leary
Visiting Chorus CoachMyer Fredman

The Plot

The story revolves around the wealthy old bachelor, Don Pasquale, who decides to marry in order to disinherit his nephew, Ernesto, who has fallen in love with a poor but beautiful young woman named Norina.
Don Pasquale's friend, Dr. Malatesta, hatches a plan to help Ernesto and Norina. He convinces Don Pasquale to marry his "sister," who is actually Norina in disguise. However, Don Pasquale quickly realizes his mistake as Norina spends all of his money and makes his life miserable.
Eventually, Don Pasquale discovers the truth and is furious. However, Dr. Malatesta reveals that the marriage was a sham and that Norina is actually Ernesto's true love. Don Pasquale forgives everyone and gives his blessing to Ernesto and Norina's marriage.
The opera ends with a joyful ensemble celebrating the young couple's love and the downfall of Don Pasquale's foolishness.

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