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La Belle Dulcinee: Ivana Mixova
Don Quichotte: Miroslav Cangalovic
: Ladko Korosec
: Deirdre Pleydell
: Christine Wilson
: David Johnston
: Minoo Golvala
Tenebrun: Maurice Bowen
A Bandit: Giuseppe Sorbello
First Footman: James Armstrong
Second Footman: Dermod Gloster


ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorCarl Ebert
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Wexford Chorus CoachMrs C Hore
Visiting Chorus CoachOliver Broome
Assistant Chorus CoachesJames Gaynor, Joe Lowney

The Plot

Act I:
Don Quichotte, an aging and delusional knight, believes himself to be a hero on a quest to save the world. He sets out on his journey with his loyal squire Sancho Panza by his side. Along the way, he encounters a band of gypsies and falls in love with their queen, Dulcinée. Despite her rejection of his advances, Don Quichotte remains devoted to her and continues on his quest.
Act II:
Don Quichotte arrives at Dulcinée's palace, where she is being courted by a wealthy suitor. Don Quichotte challenges him to a duel, but is quickly defeated. Despite this setback, Don Quichotte remains determined to win Dulcinée's heart and sets out on another adventure.
Act III:
Don Quichotte and Sancho Panza are captured by bandits and taken to a mountain hideout. There, Don Quichotte hears the voice of Dulcinée calling out to him and believes he has found her. In reality, it is a trap set by the bandits. Don Quichotte is severely beaten and left for dead.
Act IV:
Don Quichotte returns home, broken and defeated. He reflects on his life and the choices he has made. In a final act of heroism, he saves a young couple from danger before passing away peacefully.

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