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Ernani (John of Aragon): Ragnar Ulfung
: Shakeh Vartenissian
Don Carlos
: Antonio Campo
Don Ruy Gomez
: Ugo Trama
Don Riccardo
: Connall Byrne
: John Evans
Giovanna: Elizabeth Rust


ConductorBryan Balkwill
DirectorPeter Ebert
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Wexford Chorus Coach:Mrs C Hore
Assistant Chorus CoachesNora O'Leary

The Plot

Ernani is set in Spain in 1519 and revolves around a love triangle between Ernani, a nobleman turned outlaw, Elvira, his beloved who is promised to her uncle Silva, and Don Carlo, the king who also desires her. The opera follows the twists and turns of their fates, as they struggle between love, honor, duty and revenge.

Act 1: Ernani plans to abduct Elvira from Silva's castle, but Don Carlo arrives first and tries to force himself on her. Ernani intervenes and challenges both Don Carlo and Silva to a duel. Don Carlo reveals his identity as the king and spares Ernani's life, but takes Elvira away.

Act 2: Silva hides Ernani in his castle, honoring the code of hospitality. Don Carlo returns and demands that Silva surrender Ernani, but Silva refuses. Don Carlo leaves with Elvira, while Silva and Ernani swear to kill him. Ernani gives Silva a horn that he can blow when he wants Ernani to die.

Act 3: Don Carlo is elected as the Holy Roman Emperor in Aachen. He is about to be assassinated by Silva and Ernani, who have joined a conspiracy against him, but Elvira pleads for his mercy. Don Carlo pardons them all and gives Elvira to Ernani.

Act 4: Ernani and Elvira are about to get married in Ernani's palace, when Silva arrives and blows the horn. Ernani keeps his promise and stabs himself, dying in Elvira's arms.

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