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Fra Diavolo: Ugo Benelli
Lord Cockburn: Antonio Boyer
Lady Pamela: Anna Reynolds
Lorenzo: Nigel Douglas
Matteo: Paschal Allen
Zerlina: Alberta Valentini
Giacomo: Enrico Fissore
Beppo: Renato Ercolani


ConductorMyer Fredman
DirectorDennis Maunder
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Wexford Chorus MasterMrs C Hore
Visiting Chorus MasterOliver Browne
Assistant Chorus MasterNora O'Leary

The Plot

The opera tells the story of a notorious bandit named Fra Diavolo, who terrorizes the Italian countryside. In the opera, Fra Diavolo is pursued by the bumbling Captain Lorenzo and his two soldiers, Matteo and Giacomo, who are sent to capture him. 
The plot of the opera revolves around the attempts of a wealthy English couple, Lord and Lady Cockburn, to travel through Italy to their destination. Along the way, they encounter Fra Diavolo, who poses as a marquis and attempts to seduce Lady Cockburn. The bandit's plans are foiled by the arrival of Lorenzo and his soldiers, who are initially mistaken for fellow bandits by Fra Diavolo. 
As the story unfolds, Fra Diavolo becomes increasingly desperate to avoid capture, leading to a series of comedic misunderstandings and mistaken identities. Eventually, Lorenzo and his soldiers succeed in capturing Fra Diavolo, and the English couple is able to continue on their journey.

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