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Delil: Alexander Magri
Carlo VII:
Curtis Rayam
Giacomo: Lajos Miller
: Emiko Maruyama
: Arnold Dvorkin

Creative Team

ConductorJames Judd
DirectorJeremy Sutcliffe
Set DesignDavid Fielding
Costume DesignDavid Fielding
Lighting DesignGraham Large
Chorus MasterAlan Cutts/Sr Mary Walsh I.B.V.M. (children)
Chorus Coaches:Bernie Morris, Ruth Miller

The Plot

Act 1
The opera opens with the French army preparing for battle against the English. Among the soldiers is Carlo, who is in love with Giovanna, or Joan of Arc. Giovanna has been having visions of angels and saints, who tell her that she is destined to save France. When Carlo confesses his love to her, she tells him that she cannot return his feelings because she has been chosen by God for a higher purpose.

Act 2
Giovanna leads the French army to victory against the English, but is captured by the enemy and brought before their leader, Talbot. Talbot tries to persuade Giovanna to renounce her faith and support the English cause, but she refuses. Carlo comes to rescue her, but is mortally wounded in the process.

Act 3
Giovanna is on trial for heresy, with Carlo's father, Giacomo, acting as her accuser. Giovanna is condemned to death, but before she is executed, she has a final vision of Carlo, who forgives her for not returning his love. She is burned at the stake, but her spirit ascends to heaven as a chorus of angels sings her praises.

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