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Ernesto: Ugo Benelli
The Colonel: Federico Davia
Nina: Jill Gomez
Teodoro: Malcolm Williams
Sigismondo: Elfego Esparza
Camilia: Johanna Peters
Stefanina: Janet Hughes
: Brian Donlan


ConductorDavid Atherton
DirectorPatrick Libby
Set DesignJohn Fuzser
Costume DesignJohn Fuzser

The Plot

Act 1
The wealthy nobleman Don Fabrizio is in love with Rosaura, a young noblewoman. However, Florindo, another nobleman, is also in love with Rosaura and is his rival for her affections. Don Fabrizio's clever and resourceful servant Colombina comes up with a plan to help her master win Rosaura's heart. She enlists the help of Arlecchino, a mischievous servant, to distract Florindo while Don Fabrizio woos Rosaura. Meanwhile, Pantalone, an old and greedy merchant, is also pursuing Rosaura for her wealth.

Act 2
Don Fabrizio's plan seems to be working as Rosaura begins to fall in love with him. However, Florindo is still in the picture and tries to sabotage Don Fabrizio's efforts. With the help of his cunning and deceitful servant Brighella, Florindo tries to turn Rosaura against Don Fabrizio. In the end, Don Fabrizio and his servants are able to outsmart Florindo and Pantalone, and he wins Rosaura's heart.

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