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Alain: Howard Haskin

Gondebaut: Richard Robson

The Prior: Christopher Blades

Marquis de Saluces: Sergei Leiferkus

Griselidis: Rosemarie Landry

Bertrade: Joan Merrigan

The Devil: Gunter Von Kannen

Fiamina: Rosanne Creffield


ConductorRobin Stapleton
DirectorStephen Pimlott
Set DesignAriane Gastambide
Costume DesignAriane Gastambide
Lighting DesignMick Hughes
Music PreparationKathleen Scott
Chorus MasterSimon Joly
Special Effects:John Casson

The Plot

Act 1
The opera is set in medieval times and tells the story of a poor peasant girl named Grisélidis. She falls in love with a nobleman named Prince Guillaume and marries him despite the objections of his courtiers. However, Grisélidis's humble origins and lack of education make her an outcast in the court, and she is subjected to ridicule and mistreatment.

Act 2

In the second act, Prince Guillaume is forced to go to war, leaving Grisélidis behind. While he is away, the courtiers plot against Grisélidis, convincing her that her husband has abandoned her for another woman. Grisélidis is heartbroken but refuses to believe the rumors and remains loyal to her husband.

Act 3

In the final act, Prince Guillaume returns from war, having won a great victory. He is overjoyed to be reunited with Grisélidis and is moved by her unwavering love and devotion. He reveals that the rumors were false and that he has always loved her. The courtiers are ashamed of their behavior and beg for forgiveness. In the end, Grisélidis's love triumphs over prejudice and jealousy, and she is accepted as a beloved member of the court.

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