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Maliella: Marie Slorach

Gennaro: Angelo Marenzi

Carmela: Nuala Willis

Rafaele: Carlo Desideri

Biaso: Brendan Cavanagh

Totonno: Harry Nicoll

Ciccillo: Philip Creasy

Rocco: Sean Mitten

Stella: Virginia Kerr

Serena: Marian Finn

Concetta: Nicola Sharkey

Creative Team

ConductorColman Pearce
DirectorGraham Vick
Set DesignRussell Craig
Costume DesignRussell Craig
Lighting DesignGraham Large
Music PreparationPhilip Knowles
Chorus MasterSimon Joly/Gerard Lawlor (boys choir)
Assistant DesignerInez Nordell

The Plot

Act 1
The opera is set in Naples, in the early 20th century. The first act introduces us to the main characters: Gennaro, a young man who works as a blacksmith, and his girlfriend, Maliella, who is the daughter of a local Camorra boss. Gennaro is deeply in love with Maliella, but she is drawn to the wealthy and powerful Rafaele, who is also a member of the Camorra. Rafaele gives Maliella a pair of stolen earrings, which she wears proudly, despite Gennaro's disapproval.

Act 2

In the second act, Rafaele and Maliella's relationship becomes more passionate, and they plan to run away together. However, Maliella's father discovers their plan and forbids her from leaving. In a fit of rage, Maliella steals a precious necklace from her father's collection and gives it to Rafaele as a symbol of her love.

Act 3

In the final act, Maliella's theft is discovered, and she is forced to stand trial. Gennaro, who has always loved her, offers to take the blame for the theft in exchange for Maliella's hand in marriage. However, Rafaele intervenes and reveals that he was the true thief. In the end, Rafaele is killed in a fight with Gennaro, and Maliella chooses to be with Gennaro, despite her conflicted feelings

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