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Il Conte Ory: Pietro Bottazzo
: Federico Davià
Isoliero: Stefania Malagu
Roberto: Walter Alberti
Un Cavaliere: David Johnston
La Contessa Adele of Formautiers: Alberta Valentini
Formoutiers: Alberta Valentini
: Laura Sarti
Alice: Deirdre Pleydell


ComposerGioacchino Rossini
ConductorGunnar Staern
DirectorPeter Ebert
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Lighting DesignFrancis Reid
Wexford Chorus CoachMrs C Hore
Visiting Chorus CoachKenneth Montgomery
Assistant Chorus CoachNora O'Leary

The Plot

Le Comte Ory tells the story of a young count who attempts to seduce a virtuous woman while disguised as a hermit. The opera is set in the 13th century during the Crusades.
Act One begins with the Count Ory's return to his castle after being banished for his debauchery. He is accompanied by his friend Raimbaud, who informs him that the Countess Adèle is alone in her castle, as her husband is away fighting in the Crusades. Ory decides to disguise himself as a hermit and gain access to Adèle's castle in order to seduce her.
Meanwhile, Adèle is being courted by the young page Isolier, who is secretly in love with her. Isolier suspects that Ory is up to no good and decides to follow him to Adèle's castle. When he arrives, he too disguises himself as a hermit and gains access to the castle.
Ory, still disguised as a hermit, attempts to seduce Adèle, but she resists his advances. Isolier, also disguised as a hermit, intervenes and convinces Adèle to let him stay the night in her castle for protection. Ory becomes jealous of Isolier and decides to challenge him to a duel.
Act Two takes place during a nocturnal revelry in Adèle's castle. Ory plans to take advantage of the chaos to seduce Adèle, but Isolier continues to thwart his plans. Eventually, Isolier reveals his true identity to Adèle and confesses his love for her. Adèle reciprocates his feelings and they sing a duet together.
Ory, still disguised as a hermit, interrupts the duet and proposes marriage to Adèle. She agrees, but only on the condition that he remove his disguise. When he does so, he is revealed as the infamous Count Ory.
The opera ends with Ory being caught by Adèle's husband and being forced to flee. Isolier and Adèle are left alone to celebrate their love for each other.

Le Comte Ory
is a delightful romp filled with mistaken identities, comic misunderstandings, and Rossini's signature sparkling melodies.

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