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Ernesto: Marco Bakker
Imogene: Christiane Eda-Pierre
Gualtiero: William MacDonald
Itulbo: Noel Drennan
Goffredo: Hugh Richardson
Adele: Mary Sheridan


ConductorLeone Magiera
DirectorMichael Geliot
Set DesignJane Venables
Costume DesignJane Venables
Lighting DesignRobert Bryan
Chorus MasterPeter Robinson
Chorus CoachMelanie Crowther, Peter Murphy

The Plot

Act 1
The Duchess of Calabria, Imogene, mourns the death of her husband. Gualtiero, a pirate and former prince of Montalto, arrives in Sicily seeking revenge against Ernesto, who usurped his throne and married Imogene. Gualtiero disguises himself as a pilgrim and gains entrance to Imogene's castle. Imogene reveals her love for Gualtiero, unaware of his true identity. Ernesto discovers Gualtiero's presence and orders his arrest.

Act 2
Imogene pleads with Ernesto to spare Gualtiero's life, confessing her love for him. Ernesto agrees to spare Gualtiero but demands that he leave Sicily. Gualtiero decides to leave but promises Imogene that he will return. Ernesto confronts Imogene about her feelings for Gualtiero and accuses her of infidelity. Imogene defends her love for Gualtiero and rejects Ernesto.

Act 3
Gualtiero returns to Sicily with his pirate crew, determined to take back his throne and be with Imogene. Imogene is torn between her love for Gualtiero and her loyalty to Ernesto. The pirates attack the castle, leading to a battle between Gualtiero's forces and Ernesto's soldiers. In the chaos, Ernesto is killed, and Gualtiero is reunited with Imogene. As the opera concludes, Gualtiero and Imogene embrace their love, despite the tragic events that have unfolded.

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