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Aminta: Anne Pashley
: Norma Burrowes
Tamiri: Anne Cant
Agenore: Richard Barnard
Alessandro: Eduardo Velazco


ConductorKenneth Montgomery
DirectorJohn Cox
Set DesignElisabeth Dalton
Costume DesignElisabeth Dalton

The Plot

Act 1
In the opening act we are introduced to the shepherd Aminta, who is revealed to be the rightful heir to the throne of Sidon. He is in love with a shepherdess named Elisa. However, their peaceful existence is disrupted when the Queen of Sidon, Tamiri, arrives with her advisor, Agenore. Tamiri is determined to marry Aminta and make him the king, despite his reluctance.

Act 2
In the second act, we see the conflict intensify. Aminta is torn between his love for Elisa and his duty to his people. Meanwhile, Elisa discovers Aminta's true identity and realizes that their love may not be possible. Tamiri becomes increasingly frustrated with Aminta's indecisiveness and tries to win him over with her power and influence.

Act 3
In the final act, the tension reaches its peak. Aminta finally makes a decision and chooses love over power. He declares his love for Elisa and rejects Tamiri's advances. Tamiri, realizing the depth of Aminta's feelings for Elisa, ultimately accepts their love and renounces her claim to the throne. The opera concludes with a joyful celebration of love and reconciliation.

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