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Tito: Peter Baillie
: Hanneke van Bork
: Pari Samar
Annio: Delia Wallis
Servilia: Elaine Hooker
Publio: Silvano Pagliuca


ConductorTheodor Guschlbauer
DirectorJohn Copley
Set DesignMichael Waller
Costume DesignMichael Waller
Chorus MasterGordon Kember

The Plot

Act 1
The opera is set in ancient Rome. The Roman Emperor, Tito Vespasiano, has returned to the city after a successful military campaign. However, there are conspiracies against his rule. Vitellia, the daughter of the deposed emperor, wants revenge and hopes to marry Tito's friend Sesto to gain power.
Vitellia convinces Sesto to assassinate Tito, as she believes it will secure her position. Sesto reluctantly agrees and sets out to carry out the plan. Meanwhile, Tito contemplates choosing a wife and considers Vitellia as a potential candidate.

Act 2
Sesto's attempt to assassinate Tito fails, but the emperor survives. Sesto is captured and faces execution for his treasonous act. Vitellia realizes the consequences of her actions and regrets her involvement in the plot.
Tito, known for his clemency, decides to pardon Sesto and forgives him for his betrayal. He also forgives Vitellia and offers her his hand in marriage, despite her role in the conspiracy.
The opera ends with Tito's proclamation of forgiveness and mercy, emphasizing the theme of clemency and the power of forgiveness.

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