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La Marchesa Violante Onesti: Mattiwilda Dobbs
Nardo: Federico Davia
Don Anchise: Francis Egerton
Arminda: Maddalena Bonifaccio
Serpetta: Birgit Nordin
Il Conte Belfiore: Ugo Benelli
Il Cavaliere Ramiro: Stefania Malagu


ConductorGunnar Staern
DirectorPeter Ebert
Set DesignJudith Ebert
Costume DesignJudith Ebert
ContinuoJeannie Reddin

The Plot

Act I
The opera begins with Sandrina, a noblewoman disguised as a gardener, arriving in the town of Lagonero. She is soon reunited with her former lover, Count Belfiore, who had stabbed her in a fit of jealousy. Meanwhile, the mayor of Lagonero, Don Anchise, falls in love with Sandrina and asks her to marry him. The act ends with the arrival of Arminda, Belfiore's former lover, who is engaged to Don Ramiro.

Act II
Arminda becomes jealous of Sandrina and tries to win back Belfiore's affections. Don Anchise becomes increasingly desperate to win Sandrina's love and proposes to her again. Sandrina continues to reject his advances, but begins to develop feelings for him. Belfiore and Arminda reconcile, and Don Ramiro falls in love with Sandrina.

Don Anchise discovers that Sandrina is actually a noblewoman and decides to marry her anyway. Belfiore and Arminda plan to elope, but are caught by Don Anchise. In the end, Sandrina reveals her true identity and forgives Belfiore for his past transgressions. Don Ramiro also finds love with Serpetta, Don Anchise's maid.

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