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Fabrizio Vingradito: Trevor Anthony
Lucia: Elizabeth Bainbridge
Giannetto: Nicola Monti
Ninetta: Mariella Adani
Fernando Villabella: Paolo Pedani
: Giorgio Tadeo
Pippo: Janet Baker
: Griffith Lewis
: Julian Moyle
Gregorio: Dennis Wicks


ConductorJohn Pritchard
DirectorPeter Potter
Set DesignOsbert Lancaster
Costume DesignOsbert Lancaster
Wexford Chorus CoachMrs C Hore
Assistant Chorus CoachNora O'Leary

The Plot

La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is a melodrama or opera semiseria in two acts based on La pie voleuse by Théodore Baudouin d'Aubigny and Louis-Charles Caigniez.
The opera is mainly known for its overture, which features the use of snare drums. The story revolves around Ninetta, a servant girl who is falsely accused of stealing a silver spoon from her employer, Fabrizio. She is sentenced to death, but the real thief is revealed to be a magpie who has been stealing shiny objects.
Ninetta is saved at the last moment and reunited with her lover, Giannetto, Fabrizio's son.

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