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Catherine Glover: Denise Dupleix 
Mab: Isabel Garcisanz
Henri Smith: John Wakefield
Le Duc de Rothesay: Henri Gui
Ralph: Roger Soyer
Simon Glover: Silvano Pagliuca
Un Seigneur: Maurice Arthur
Le Majordome: Brian Donlan
Dancers: Alexander Roy, Christina Gallea


ConductorDavid Lloyd-Jones
DirectorPauline Grant
Set DesignRobin Archer
Costume DesignRobin Archer
Chorus MasterGordon Kember

The Plot

Act 1
The story is set in Perth, Scotland, during the Valentine's Day festival. The main characters are introduced, including Henry Smith, the blacksmith, and Catherine Glover, a beautiful woman. Catherine meets the Duke of Rothsay, who falls in love with her, and Henry is invited to the Duke's festival.

Act 2
The setting shifts to Catherine's inn. The Duke tries to convince Catherine to love him, but she refuses. Henry arrives at the inn and falls in love with Catherine. To win Catherine's heart, the Duke organizes an archery contest.

Act 3
It takes place in Saint John's Cathedral in Perth. The Duke wins the archery contest but is shot by a pistol. Consequently, Henry is accused of the murder and imprisoned.

Act 4
The story moves to the Queen's Castle in Stirling. Catherine intercedes for Henry, and it is revealed that the real murderer is the Earl of March, the Duke's rival. Henry is freed and marries Catherine, while the Duke recovers from his wound.

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