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Pacuvio: Ian Caddy
Aspasia: Joan Davies
Fabrizio: James O'Niell
Donna Fulvia: Iris Dell'Acqua
Macrobio: Eric Garrett
Giocondo: John Sandor
Clarice: Sandra Browne
Asdrubale: Richard Barret

Creative Team

ConductorRoderick Brydon
DirectorAdrian Slack
Set DesignJohn Bury
Costume DesignJohn Bury
HarpsichordEdward Lambert
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachPatrick Murphy


Stage ManagerStephen Revell

The Plot

Act 1
The wealthy Count Asdrubale is being courted by several suitors, including the poet Macrobio and the painter Giocondo. To test their loyalty, the Count pretends to be bankrupt and sends them all away. Meanwhile, a young woman named Clarice arrives at the Count's estate, claiming to be his long-lost niece. The Count welcomes her with open arms, but his other guests are suspicious of her true identity. As the story unfolds, the Count's true motives are revealed, and his guests must navigate a series of hilarious misunderstandings and mistaken identities.

Act 2
As the story continues, the various suitors try to win back the Count's favor, while Clarice's true identity is called into question. Along the way, they sing some of Rossini's most memorable arias and ensembles, including the famous "Largo al factotum" and "Una voce poco fa." In the end, the Count's scheme is exposed, and he is forced to admit his true feelings for Clarice. The other suitors find happiness elsewhere, and everyone comes together for a joyful finale.

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