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Violetta Valery: Jeannette Pilou
Alfredo Germont: Veriano Luchetti
Germont: Octav Enigarescu
Dr Grenvil: Erich Vietheer
Marquis d'Obigny: Patrick McGuigan
Flora Bervoix
: Gloria Jennings
Baron Douphol: Richard Golding
Gastone de Letoriers: Philip Langridge
Annina: Robin Bell Giorgio
: Dermod Gloster


ConductorGunnar Staern
DirectorPeter Ebert
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Wexford Chorus CoachNora O'Leary
Visiting Chorus CoachOliver Broome
Assistant Chorus CoachesJames Gaynor, Joe Lowney

The Plot

Act I
Violetta throws a lavish party at her home in Paris. Alfredo confesses his love for her, and despite her initial reluctance, Violetta is drawn to him. They sing a duet together and Violetta gives Alfredo a flower, signaling her affection for him.

Act II
Several months later, Violetta and Alfredo are living together in the countryside. Alfredo's father, Germont, arrives and convinces Violetta to leave Alfredo for the sake of his family's reputation. Violetta agrees and writes a letter to Alfredo explaining her decision. Alfredo arrives and finds the letter, becoming enraged and publicly shaming Violetta.

Violetta is dying of consumption. Alfredo returns to her side and they reconcile. However, it is too late and Violetta dies in his arms.

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