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Theatre Royal

Lyric drama in four acts by Alfredo Catalani
Libretto by Luigi Illica
after Wilhelmine von Hillern's novel Die Geier-Wally.

Sung in Italian.


Wally: Josella Ligi
Stromminger: John O'Flynn 
Gellner of Hochstoff: Ljubomir
Videnov Hagenbach of Solden: Lawrence Bakst
Walter: Sunny Joy Langton
Afra: Jean Bailey
An Old Soldier: Richard Robson

Creative Team

ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorStefan Janski
Set DesignMarie-Jeanne Lecca
Costume DesignMarie-Jeanne Lecca
Lighting DesignMick Hughes
ChoreographerTerry John Bates
Music PreparationIgor Kennaway
Chorus MasterIan Reid

The Plot

Act 1
The opera opens in the village of Hochstoff in the Austrian state of Tyrol. A shooting contest is being held to celebrate the 70th birthday of Wally’s father, Stromminger. A hunting party arrives from the nearby village of Sölden led by Hagenbach. Old enmities quickly surface, and a quarrel develops between Stromminger and Hagenbach, who trade threats and insults before Hagenbach is drawn away by his companions. Wally is in love with Hagenbach despite him being the son of Stromminger’s old enemy. The act ends with Wally singing an ode to her love for Hagenbach .

Act 2
In the second act, Wally’s father wants her to marry Vincenzo Gellner, but she is still in love with Hagenbach. She decides to leave home forever and sings the famous aria “Ebben? Ne andrò lontana” (“Well then? I’ll go far away”).

Act 3
In the third act, Wally has settled in a cabin high up in the mountains. Hagenbach arrives there and they pledge their love for each other. However, they are both killed by an avalanche.

Act 4

In the final act, the villagers find Wally’s body and sing a lament for her.

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