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Jahel: Michel Vallat
Rozenn: Christiane Chateau
Margared: Gillian Knight
Karnac: Stuart Harling
Mylio: Antonio Barasorda
Le Roi: Juan Soumagnas
St Corentin: Juan Soumagnas


ConductorJean Perisson
DirectorJean-Claude Auvray
Set DesignBernard Arnould
Costume DesignBernard Arnould
Lighting DesignJames McCosh
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachPatrick Murphy
Stage ManagerAnna Sims

The Plot

The story takes place in the mythical city of Ys, which is ruled by the king Margared and his daughter Rozenn. The opera tells a tale of love, betrayal, and sacrifice.

Act 1
Rozenn is in love with the knight Mylio, but her father has promised her hand in marriage to the nobleman Karnac. Mylio and Rozenn decide to elope, but their plan is foiled when Karnac discovers their secret and challenges Mylio to a duel. Mylio wins the duel and is declared the champion of Ys.

Act 2
Karnac seeks revenge against Mylio and plots to destroy Ys by opening the city's floodgates. However, his plan backfires when he realizes that his own mother is trapped in Ys and will be killed by the flood. In a moment of redemption, Karnac sacrifices himself to close the floodgates and save the city.

Act 3
As Ys is destroyed by the flood, Rozenn and Mylio are separated and believe that the other has perished. Rozenn becomes a nun, while Mylio is taken in by a group of fishermen. Years later, they are reunited when Mylio returns to Ys to find Rozenn. However, their joy is short-lived when they realize that Rozenn must remain true to her vows as a nun. Mylio sacrifices his own life to save Rozenn from a falling cross, and they are reunited in death.

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