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Gamberotto: Richard van Allan
Ernestina: Nelie Praganza
Ermanno: Pietro Bottazzo
: Elfego Esparza
Frontino: Mario Carlin
Rosalia: Maria Casula


ConductorAldo Ceccato
DirectorJohn Cox
Set DesignJohn Stoddart
Costume DesignJohn Stoddart
Chorus MasterGordon Kember

The Plot

Act 1
The opera opens with the wealthy and eccentric landowner, Gamberotto, searching for a new wife. He is introduced to the beautiful and flirtatious Ernestina, who quickly catches his eye. However, Gamberotto's servant, Blasio, is also in love with Ernestina and is determined to win her over. To complicate matters further, Ernestina is secretly in love with the young artist, Ermanno, who has been living in Gamberotto's estate disguised as a gardener. Meanwhile, another suitor, the wealthy and pompous Pompeo, arrives on the scene and declares his love for Ernestina. Chaos ensues as each character tries to win over their desired partner.

Act 2
The second act opens with Gamberotto discovering Ermanno's true identity and banishing him from the estate. Ernestina, heartbroken over Ermanno's departure, decides to marry Pompeo instead. However, when Ermanno returns disguised as a Turkish prince, Ernestina realizes her true feelings and declares her love for him. In the end, all of the characters are revealed to be in disguise and their true identities are revealed. Gamberotto decides to forgive Ermanno and allows him to marry Ernestina, while Blasio finds love with the maid Isabella. The opera ends with a joyful ensemble celebrating the various marriages and happy endings.

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