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Leila: Christiane Eda-Pierre
: John Stewart
Zurga: Marco Bakker
Nourabad: Juan Soumagnas


ConductorGuy Barbier
DirectorMichael Geliot
Set DesignRoger Butlin
Costume DesignJane Bond
Lighting DesignRobert Bryan
ChoreographerAnthony Bremner
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy

The Plot

Act 1
The story is set in ancient Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The villagers are gathered to pray for protection from the storm. Zurga, the village chief, and Nadir, a hunter, meet after a long time. They recall their past friendship and their love for Leila, a priestess whom they both loved but promised not to pursue. Nadir confesses to Zurga that he has broken his promise and has secretly met Leila. Zurga is furious but decides to spare Nadir's life for their past friendship.

Act 2
Leila, the priestess, arrives in the village to bless the pearl divers. She recognizes Nadir and they confess their love for each other. Zurga, who is now in love with Leila, discovers their secret meeting and orders their execution. However, he has a change of heart when he realizes that Leila had saved his life in the past.

Act 3
Zurga sets fire to the village to allow Nadir and Leila to escape. As they flee, Zurga is captured and sentenced to death for his crime. Nadir returns to save Zurga but is caught by the guards. Leila offers herself in exchange for Nadir's freedom. Zurga, touched by their love, allows them to escape and takes responsibility for the fire. As he is led to his death, he forgives Nadir and Leila and asks them to remember him as a friend.

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