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Vespina: Eugenia Ratti
: Ugo Benelli
Sandrina: Jill Gomez
Nanni: Eftimios Michalopoulos
: Alexander Young


ConductorDavid Lloyd-Jones
DirectorJohn Copley
Set DesignJohn Fraser
Costume DesignJohn Fraser
Harpsichord ContinuoMark Elder

The Plot

Act 1
The story introduces two couples: Rosina and Nanni, and Fracasso and Filippo. Rosina and Nanni are secretly in love with each other, while Filippo is engaged to marry Nanni. However, Filippo's father insists that he marries Rosina instead. The arrival of a third suitor, Leandro, adds further complications as he tries to win Rosina's heart. Throughout this act, misunderstandings and deceptions arise as the characters navigate their complex love triangle.

Act 2:
In the second act, the plot thickens as the characters continue to deceive each other. Rosina finds herself torn between her true feelings for Nanni and the societal pressure to marry Filippo. The tension builds as secrets are revealed and emotions run high. Eventually, the truth comes to light, and the couples find resolution. The opera concludes with a happy ending, as the characters end up with the partners they truly love.

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