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Lord Enrico Ashton of Lammermoor: Lino Puglisi
Lucia Ashton
: Karola Agai
Sir Edgardo of Ravenswood: Giacomo Aragall
Raimondo Bidebent: Franco Ventriglia
Alisa: Laura Sarti
Lord Arturo Bucklaw: Alastair Newlands
Normanno: Edmund Bohan


ComposerGaetano Donizetti
ConductorAntonio De Almeida
DirectorMichel Crochot
Set DesignReginald Woolley
Costume DesignReginald Woolley
Lighting DesignFrancis Reid
Wexford Chorus CoachMrs C Hore
Chorus MasterVisiting Chorus Coach: Kenneth Montgomery
Assistant Chorus CoachNora O'Leary

The Plot

Lucia di Lammermoor is set in Scotland in the 17th century and tells the tragic tale of Lucia Ashton, a young woman from a noble family who is forced to marry a man she does not love.
Act I opens with a feud between the Ashtons and the Ravenswoods, two rival families who have been at odds for generations. Lucia's brother, Lord Enrico Ashton, is determined to restore his family's fortunes by forcing Lucia to marry Arturo Bucklaw, a wealthy nobleman. However, Lucia is secretly in love with Edgardo Ravenswood, the last surviving member of his family.
Despite their families' animosity, Edgardo and Lucia pledge their love to each other in a secret wedding ceremony. However, their happiness is short-lived when Enrico discovers their plans and forbids Lucia from seeing Edgardo again. He also forges a letter from Edgardo, convincing Lucia that he has been unfaithful.
In Act II, Lucia is shown descending into madness as she becomes increasingly isolated and tormented by her brother's demands. She agrees to marry Arturo, but on their wedding night, she stabs him to death in a fit of madness. As she becomes more delusional, she imagines herself being visited by the ghost of a woman who died tragically in the Ashton family's past.
Act III sees Edgardo return to Scotland, only to learn of Lucia's marriage and supposed infidelity. He challenges her to a duel and is mortally wounded. As he dies, he learns the truth about Lucia's love for him and forgives her. Lucia, meanwhile, has gone completely insane and dies shortly after Edgardo.
The opera ends with a chorus mourning the tragic fate of the young lovers, as both families are left to deal with the consequences of their bitter feud.

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