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Luisa: Angeles Gulm
Rodolfo: Angelo Lo Forese
Count Walter: Silvano Pagliuca
Miller: Terence Sharpe
Wurm: Eftimios Michalopoulos
Federica: Bernadette Greevy
: Enid Hartle
A Countryman: Stephen Tudor


ConductorMyer Fredman
DirectorJohn Cox
Set DesignBernard Culshaw
Costume DesignBernard Culshaw
Chorus MasterHenry Ward
Chorus Coaches:Melanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy

The Plot

Act 1
Luisa, the daughter of a retired soldier, meets and falls in love with Rodolfo, the son of Count Walter. However, their happiness is threatened by the scheming courtier, Wurm, who is also in love with Luisa.

Act 2
Wurm convinces Luisa's father to write a letter that implicates Rodolfo in a plot against the Count. When the letter is discovered, Rodolfo is arrested and Luisa is forced to marry Wurm to save her father's life.

Act 3
Luisa and Rodolfo are reunited, but their happiness is short-lived. Wurm reveals that Luisa's father has died in prison and threatens to kill her unless she agrees to marry him.

Act 4
Luisa agrees to marry Wurm, but she secretly plans to poison him on their wedding night. However, Wurm switches the poison with a harmless potion, and Luisa dies in Rodolfo's arms. In a fit of rage, Rodolfo kills Wurm and then himself.

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