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Giasone: Arley Reece
Margreta Elkins
Joan Davies
Eiddwen Harrhy
Creonte: Lieuwe Visser
William McKinney
Tideo: Robin Leggate
Evandro: Alexander Magri


ConductorRoderick Brydon
DirectorAdrian Slack
Set DesignDavid Fielding
Costume DesignDavid Fielding
Lighting DesignJames McCosh
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy
Stage ManagerStephen Brown

The Plot

Act 1
The story takes place in ancient Greece, where the sorceress Medea has fled after killing her husband and children in a fit of rage. She seeks refuge in the city of Corinth, where she falls in love with the nobleman Giasone. However, Giasone is betrothed to the princess Creusa, and Medea's presence threatens to disrupt their upcoming wedding.

Act 2
Medea uses her magical powers to try to win over Giasone and convince him to abandon Creusa. She also plots revenge against her enemies, including Creusa and her father, King Creon. Meanwhile, Giasone struggles with his own conflicted feelings for Medea and Creusa.

Act 3
The tensions between Medea and her rivals come to a head in a dramatic finale. Medea unleashes her full fury and uses her powers to wreak havoc on Corinth. Giasone is torn between his love for Medea and his loyalty to Creusa, while Creon tries to restore order and protect his daughter. In the end, Medea is left alone and devastated, realizing that her quest for revenge has only brought her more pain and suffering.

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