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Oberon: John Fryatt
: Louise Mansfield
: Janet Hughes
: Heikki Siukola
Gerasmin: Brent Ellis
Rezia: Vivian Martin
Fatima: Delia Wallis
Baibars: Michael Beauchamp
Haroun: Andrew Page
Hakim: John Flanagan
A Mermaid
: Susan Lees


ConductorKenneth Montgomery
DirectorAnthony Besch
Set DesignAdam Pollock
Costume DesignAdam Pollock
Lighting DesignRobert Bryan
Chorus MasterPeter Robinson
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Peter Murphy
Staff ProducerMichael Beauchamp

The Plot

Act I
Scene 1:
The knight Sir Huon of Bordeaux is on a mission to prove his worthiness to marry the lady Reiza. He is tricked into killing the son of Charlemagne, which results in his banishment.
Scene 2:
Oberon and his queen, Titania, are quarreling over a mortal boy whom they both want to adopt. Oberon decides to seek revenge on Titania by finding a mortal knight who can win the love of Reiza.
Scene 3:
Sir Huon arrives in Tunis, where he meets Reiza and falls in love with her.

Act II
Scene 1:
Oberon and his servant Puck appear to Sir Huon in a dream and tell him about his quest.
Scene 2
: Sir Huon and Reiza are captured by pirates, but they are rescued by Oberon and Puck.
Scene 3
: Oberon disguises himself as the Caliph Harun al-Rashid and helps Sir Huon win the favor of the Caliph's sister, Fatima.

Scene 1
: Sir Huon returns to Tunis with Fatima, but he is still in love with Reiza. Oberon appears to him again and tells him that he must complete one final task in order to win Reiza's hand in marriage.
Scene 2
: Sir Huon successfully completes the task and wins Reiza's love. Oberon and Titania are reconciled, and Sir Huon and Reiza are married.
Scene 3
: The opera ends with a grand chorus celebrating the triumph of love.

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