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Zoroastro: Roderick Kennedy 

Orlando: John Angelo Messana 

Dorinda: Lesley Garrett 

Angelica: Alison Hargan 

Medoro: Bernadette Greevy

Creative Cast

ConductorJames Judd
DirectorWilfred Judd
Set DesignKandis Cook
Costume DesignAlison Meagher
Lighting DesignGraham Large
Music PreparationJohn Craven

The Plot

Act 1
The wizard Zoroastro predicts that Orlando will overcome his love for Princess Angelica and return to his heroic deeds. Orlando appears conflicted between love and duty. Zoroastro conjures visions of famous heroes to convince Orlando to focus on war instead of love. Orlando reflects on the examples of Hercules and Achilles, who were not diminished by their romantic entanglements.

Act 2

The shepherdess Dorinda contemplates her changing feelings towards nature and suspects she may be falling in love. Orlando rushes in with Princess Isabella, whom he has saved from danger, leading Dorinda to believe he may be in love as well. Dorinda discovers that Angelica and Medoro are in love and becomes upset, as she herself has feelings for Medoro.

Act 3

Angelica and Medoro continue their love affair, while Orlando becomes increasingly jealous and mad with rage. Zoroastro intervenes to restore Orlando's sanity and calm his violent tendencies. Orlando regains his senses and realizes the futility of his jealousy.

Act 4

Orlando, now rational again, seeks forgiveness from Angelica for his previous actions. Angelica forgives him, and Orlando accepts that he cannot change her feelings for Medoro. The opera ends with a celebration of love and reconciliation.

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