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Otello: Nicola Tagger
: Renza Jotti
Iago: Walter Gullino
Rodrigo: Pietro Bottazzo
Doge: Terence Sharpe
: Frederick Bateman
Elmiro Barberigo
: Silvano Pagliuca
Emilia: Maria Casula
Gondolier: Frederick Bateman


ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorAnthony Besch
Set DesignJohn Stoddart
Costume DesignJohn Stoddart
Chorus MasterAnthony Hose

The Plot

Act I
The opera opens in the city of Famagusta, Cyprus, where Otello has just arrived with his wife Desdemona. The people of Cyprus celebrate the arrival of the Venetian general, and Otello sings a stirring aria about his love for Desdemona. However, their happiness is soon threatened by the arrival of Iago, who harbors a deep hatred for Otello and seeks to destroy him. Iago convinces Roderigo, a young nobleman who is in love with Desdemona, to help him in his scheme to discredit Otello.

Act II
Iago continues to manipulate events, planting seeds of doubt in Otello's mind about Desdemona's fidelity. He convinces Cassio, Otello's loyal lieutenant, to get drunk and start a fight, which results in Cassio's dismissal from his post. Iago then suggests to Otello that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair, providing false evidence to support his claim.

Otello becomes increasingly consumed by jealousy and suspicion, and confronts Desdemona about her supposed infidelity. She protests her innocence, but Otello refuses to believe her and becomes more and more violent. Meanwhile, Iago continues to manipulate events behind the scenes, setting up a confrontation between Cassio and Roderigo that ends in both men being wounded.

Act IV
In the final act, Iago's treachery is finally revealed. Emilia, Iago's wife and Desdemona's maid, discovers the truth about her husband's plot and reveals it to Otello. Realizing the terrible mistake he has made, Otello takes his own life in despair. Desdemona dies shortly thereafter, and Iago is arrested and led off to face justice for his crimes. The opera ends with a chorus mourning the tragic fate of Otello and Desdemona.

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